North Texas holiday travelers prepared to deal with new COVID restrictions across the country

The holidays are nearly here, and that means families will be traveling in and out of North Texas this week.

"We just wanted to stay in the U.S. and not go outside," Hima Karlapudi said.

Karlapudi’s family is traveling to Hawaii, where there is a mandate that domestic travelers quarantine upon arrival if they are not vaccinated.

"And it’s like a family reunion for us. We’ve got cousins from Michigan, Cleveland," she said. "And if you’re vaccinated, you can get a quarantine exemption, and that’s what we loved."

There has been a recent rise of COVID-19 cases in the U.S.

Though cities and states are seeing roughly half the amount of cases reported compared to during the peak of the pandemic last January, experts warn we might be heading toward a surge.

Some states have COVID restrictions that are stricter than Texas.

One North Texan flying to California to see loved ones said he’s prepared for restrictions at businesses.

"Yeah, family, friends. I haven’t been to California since COVID started back in 2020," Kevin said. "If someone wants to see I’m vaccinated to be able to go in somewhere, then like, you know, I guess that’s how it’s going to be."

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As far as people getting to their destination, DFW and Love Field airports are already experiencing delays. 

"Just include time to, you know, plan for additional people because you don’t know when it’s going to be busy and when it’s not," traveler Lindsay Tiefenbrunn said.

Still, some families are just grateful this year’s holiday season is more normal than last year’s.