North Texas companies making retina scanners to help essential businesses stay open during COVID-19 pandemic

Two North Texas companies are helping other essential business stay open with technology that eliminates human interaction.

Addison-based Wello created retina scanners that take a person’s temperature.

A worker stands in front of the machine, a camera takes their picture, and an infrared scanner checks for a fever.

If the machine detects a temperature of 99.6 or higher, human resources is notified.

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Suntronic, located in Richardson, manufactures the scanners and uses them for its own workers.

“It will log the temperature of the employee and issue them a sticker or identifier that shows they are fever free,” Suntronic’s COO, David Ly, explained. “We also encourage employees to go check throughout the day in case they feel like there may be some changes in how they feel.”

Ly said the machines were used by hospitals during the Ebola outbreak.

He added that they are now getting orders from major online retailers and other manufacturers of essential items trying to stay open.