North Texas cities team up to bid for Amazon's second headquarters

The city of Frisco is making a bid for amazon's second American headquarters.

Dallas also previously announced it's making a bid. But now, a new joint North Texas bid is in the works.

The deal is a lucrative get and area business leaders think they'll stand a better chance if they all team up to make one pitch together.

Frisco produced a video to tout itself as a possible location. It's a small slice of the nationwide bidding war that Amazon started this month when it announced what it was looking for in its second headquarters.

Brandom Genglebach with the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce says the whole metroplex is working together instead of competing with one another.

“You're talking 8,000 square feet. You're talking 50,000 jobs,” he said. “And that's not something that one area can handle. It's something that the entire region needs to be behind.”

Both the Dallas Regional Chamber and the Fort Worth Chamber are working with the cities to come up with a group pitch. They're holding daily conference calls, including one on Friday with Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price and Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings.

The bid is due in mid-October. Right now, area business leaders are finding out which cities want to be involved and working with them to come up with a plan.

“We have timelines that all of the cities are responding to,” Genglebach said. “And so over the next few days, we'll have exactly the idea and a count of how many communities are interested.”

The team effort will come up with the best pitch to answer any concerns Amazon might have.

While Dallas-Fort Worth gets high marks for airports, it gets knocked for congestion.

“With a visionary company like Amazon, we want to leverage them to help us to envision what the future of transportation looks like,” Genglebach said.

Business leaders say the plan to test Uber's air taxi program in the area starting in 2020 could help. But regardless of whether it's a successful bid, the exposure is positive.

The bids are due on October 19. It isn't the first time there has been a team effort. The strategy was also used with Boeing.