North Texas activists continue to protest Trump's immigration policy, separations

Despite Wednesday’s executive order from President Trump, North Texas faith groups and community activists continue to put pressure on him to do more to help families separated on the border.

Many said that Trump is simply reacting to public pressure and saw his actions Wednesday as trying to fix a problem that he created.

Trump told the press Wednesday afternoon while he signed the executive order that he is looking to keep families together, but keep the border strong.

But community activists say they are still concerned about what will happen to the children who have already been separated from their families at the border and say that they will not stop fighting until those families are reunited.

“He is the cause of all this misery, all this abuse of children and for him to come here and say he's going to sign a new order, he needs to do away and rescind his zero tolerance position,” League of United Latin American Citizens President Domingo Garcia said. “He needs to bring and reunite all those children with their parents, and he needs to get real about passing immigration reform.”

A group of ten representatives from the Dallas area plan to travel down to the border detention centers to see the conditions children are kept in.

In the meantime, Dallas County officials say they're still looking at possible sites to house children being detained at the border because there is still a surge of detained children, and they will need shelter even if family separations stop.