North Texan on Juneteenth journey expected to reach Washington next week

The 90-year-old North Texas woman who has been walking to Washington to make Juneteenth a national holiday is expected to make it there next week.

Opal Lee has been walking across the country since September for the cause that’s close to her heart.

She wants to convince the president to make June 19, the day the Emancipation Proclamation is celebrated in Texas, a federal holiday. Texas is one of 45 states that already celebrates Juneteenth as a state holiday.

“It would be the oldest holiday of significance for black people in these United States, so it needs to be observed and celebrated,” she said.

Lee has traveled to several states to walk with supporters. She’s in home in Fort Worth this week, but will return to her quest and march through Washington next week.

Her campaign was designed to get President Barack Obama’s attention. She’s still hoping she can accomplish her goal before Donald Trump takes office. But if that doesn’t happen, she said she’ll try to make her case with him.

Lee also said next week in Washington won’t be her last mile. She’ll continue walking in other states she hasn’t visited to gather support.