No More "San Diego" Weather!

Different Every Day! February Fun!

Colder with brisk breezes this morning. Clouds clear out by afternoon, as we work our way back into the low 50s.

After a clear cold night, we FLIP tomorrow. From near freezing, into the 60s to finish the day.

Weekend starts WARM...near 70 Saturday but then cools off into the 50s with clouds thickening up Sunday...with RAIN to follow Sunday night into Monday.

The only questionable part of the forecast is Tuesday.

ARCTIC air will surge in with temps starting in the upper 30s and then falling below freezing by evening. We will still have some rain early in the day which will END as the cold air pours might end as snow OR it might end before the coldest air arrives. Doesn't look huge BUT the chill looks intense.

We could start Wed in the teens and stay in the 30s before warming back late week.