New video surfaces in Missy Bevers murder mystery

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New video recently surfaced online of a suspicious car on the morning of Missy Bevers’ murder inside a Midlothian church.

The mother and fitness trainer was beaten to death on April 18 at the church as she got ready to teach a workout class.

Police released images of a car they wanted to know more about, but surveillance video of it has recently surfaced.

The video is from SWFA Outdoors near Creekside Church of Christ in Midlothian in April, a couple of hours before Missy Bevers' murder. It captured a silver Nissan Altima slowly circling the parking lot.

At one point, the driver of the Nissan cut off his lights and turned them back on. The vehicle was caught in multiple angles by the store's cameras.

Police say the Nissan in the video is the same vehicle seen in a surveillance photo they released in May. They said they chose to only release the photo instead of the video because the photo contained what appeared to be a distinctive emblem or sticker on the back bumper.

Investigators say they have yet to ID the car or its driver but do not think it’s tied to Missy’s murder.

Missy's husband, Brandon Bevers, declined interviews but spoke to FOX 4 when the photo was initially released.

“I've pretty much exhausted every scenario and every avenue that I can think of who could have done,” Brandon said in a May interview.

Missy’s death has become a murder mystery that’s attracted national attention. The killer recorded on surveillance video roaming the halls of the church with a distinctive gait and dressed in police-style garb.

The car surveillance video came to light after SWFA posted it on YouTube in December. The store's owner says he immediately turned it over to police after the murder but posted it recently online after an attempted break in.

Investigators say they would still like to talk to the driver of the silver Nissan to officially clear them in the murder.

Midlothian police say they recently had a new person of interest in the case, but that person was later cleared.


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