New system warns drivers of approaching North Richland Hills fire trucks

The North Richland Hills Fire Department is using a new alert system that's connected to its fire vehicles.

The HAAS alert system is designed to let drivers know when a fire truck is approaching or may be ahead, giving the driver a chance to safely move out of the line of traffic.

A driver is given a digital alert on a cell phone or app up to 30 seconds in advance of being near the fire truck,

"They'll see that warning come across," said North Richland Hills Division Chief Chris Jungst. "They'll make the adjustments and corrections and know what's ahead of them. It keeps them safe. It keeps our guys safe."

Right now, it’s currently on Waze and GPS mapping apps, but the program is expected to expand to other apps.

Currently, it is only being used on North Richland Hills fire trucks and not police units.