New Starbucks opens in Red Bird area of Dallas

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Starbucks made good on its promise and opened a store in a part of town that has long been asking for more upscale retail.

The Red Bird area of Dallas is a long underserved part of the city that has been striving for more economic development. The upscale coffee chain is part of the city’s efforts to help improve the area.

The new Starbucks is located outside the Red Bird Mall in front of the old Macy’s store.

“It means that our business matters. A lot of times we don’t feel like our business matters. They take their businesses elsewhere – to the north, to Arlington or to Tarrant County. So our business doesn’t matter. So now that they’ve come into our area, they’ve come to us. It seems like our money counts,” said Shonteye Brisco, a Red Bird resident.

Starbucks plans to hire people who live in the area and provide training for young people. It will work closely with other Red Bird businesses.