Neighbors living near Dickies Arena complain of traffic problems, illegal parking

Dickies Arena has been a hit since it opened, hosting hitmakers for more than a month now.

However, it hasn’t been a hit with some people who live nearby who claim big events create traffic confusion.

It's something the folks at the arena say they've been working on. On the west side, there is a rideshare drop off point designated to keep traffic off of this street. But residents say event nights at Dickies in the last month have meant inevitable traffic and delays in getting home.

With more than 12,000 seats to fill, Dickies Arena is drawing concert-goers from all over the metroplex.

The arena hosted Jingle Ball on Tuesday that featured Sam Smith, Lizzo and Camila Cabello. But nearby neighbors say it’s also bringing unwanted congestion onto their streets.

David Berning lives on Washburn and Montgomery just across the street from the west entrance of the arena. He says in the last month since the arena’s grand opening, event nights have meant more noise, illegal parking and idling rideshare vehicles outside of his home.

“They’re just up here turning around our driveways up and down the street. Waiting for passengers. Stopping on Montgomery blocking traffic,” Berning said.

Some rideshare drivers appeared to be confused about where they were supposed to be going.

But Dickies General manager Matt Homan says he’s been working closely with the city to try to avoid those very problems.

“That’s always been our goal from day one,” Homan said. “We’ve set up programs with the Uber’s and the Lyfts to have geo fencing so there’s a dedicated lot for them, which would be this north Harley lot across the street.”

For people driving themselves, Homan says the arena has more than 5,000 dedicated parking spaces with an additional 3,000 adjacent to the Will Rogers complex.

The city recently implemented the second phase of the Arlington Heights Residential Permit Parking Program. As of October 1, only residents with city permits are allowed to park on the streets west of Montgomery from Tulsa down to El Campo.

Since Oct 20, parking enforcement has issued 31 citations and 151 warnings.

But Berning thinks the city could be more aggressive in enforcing the permit policy. His biggest fear is the problems and progress will eventually force him to find another place to call home.

“Drive us out. I mean, that’s what’s gonna end up,” he said. “This will develop out and this neighborhood here won’t be here.”

Dickies Arena sends out a message to all of their guests with a map, directions to the arena and information about parking garages and rideshares.

If a resident has a complaint, they can call the city’s 1234 number or Fort Worth PD.