Nearly 40 guns stolen from Euless gun store

Police believe five professional criminals are behind the theft of nearly 40 firearms from a Euless gun store.

It appeared to be a well-planned hit with the earmarks of experienced thieves, as it took only two minutes for the guns to be taken about 5:20 a.m. Saturday.

Euless police said five thieves backed up a white pickup, possibly a Ford F-250, and broke the glass front doors. They then pried open the metal door cage and broke into two gun cases before heading out the way they came in.

The thieves were able to take 39 handguns from display cases, but were unable to get any of the long guns that were better secured.

“What we had did its job but a little bit more never hurts. We are taking every step possible to make sure this doesn't happen again,” said manager Seth Colton.

The five suspects were covered head to toe, so police are unable to determine gender or ethnicity.

Police said the ATF is a big part of the investigation and they are pouring over the surveillance video. It’s unclear if or when the video might be released.