Murder suspect armed with rifle killed in confrontation with Dallas SWAT officer

A suspect in a murder earlier this week in Dallas was shot and killed by a Dallas officer early Thursday morning.

The confrontation happened around 12:30 a.m. at an apartment complex near the LBJ Freeway and Skillman Avenue.

Police were searching for people related to the Wednesday robbery and murder of a worker at a café on Lamar Street, south of Downtown Dallas.

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SWAT officers followed the suspects to a car at the apartment complex. Several people in the car got out and ran.

Police said one suspect had a military-style rifle. A SWAT officer shot and killed that man during a foot chase.

Several others were taken into custody for questioning.

“We never rule anything out. So everybody we have detained right now are considered suspects. And so as the night goes on we’ll weed out what we can and then whatever we can tie to anybody we’ll file those charges. But right now, everybody we have are considered suspects,” said Sgt. Warren Mitchell with the Dallas Police Department.

Police said they are still looking for information about the murder at the restaurant.