Multiple raids lead to arrests of "most violent criminals in all of Dallas"

There was a big crackdown on violent crime in South Dallas.

Multiple agencies led by the FBI hit multiple locations on Thursday and arrested dozens of who they call some of the "most violent criminals in all of Dallas."

The raids started early Thursday morning under the cover of darkness against what was called a criminal organization.

It’s unclear exactly how many were arrested, but law enforcement concerned about the potential danger were determined not to be outmanned when they started kicking in doors.

Some 400 law enforcement took part in the raids, including FBI SWAT teams from San Antonio, Oklahoma, Cleveland, Dallas police, ATF and DEA agents.

The group hit multiple locations, apartments and houses across South Dallas, west and southwest of Fair Park.

Thursday’s arrests were the end of an investigation that began in late 2019 as crime started rising there in 2018 and continued.

"We consider today's operation a success," said Dallas FBI Special Agent in Charge Matthew DeSarno. "It spanned multiple locations, multiple subjects and a range of charges using traditional and sophisticated investigative techniques."

"This was the most dangerous area in the whole DFW metroplex," said Dallas ATF Special Agent in Charge Jeffrey Bioshek. "As we look at our ballistics and where we trace firearms to and where we recover shell casings and matching shootings, this was the hottest spot in the DFW metroplex."

"DPD is not alone in keeping our communities safe," said Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia. "DPD is not alone in weeding the criminal element off of our streets, and the DPD is not alone in seeding our communities with hope."

The indictments are still sealed, but information about the scope of the criminal group or groups taken down could be coming as soon as Friday.

The Fair Park and South Dallas area hit is one of 35 sectors in the city, and Chief Garcia says it accounts for 10% of all the city's violent crime. 

The chief says this is the goal of his crime reduction plan to disrupt criminal enterprise and take them off the street.