Mourning family wants answers about deadly hit-&-run

A grieving family is looking for answers after a young father was hit-and-killed early Friday morning along a rural road in Rockwall County.

The driver may not have stopped but they did leave pieces of their car in the road, leading investigators to believe they are looking for a 2009 to 2013 model Toyota Corolla with damage on the front right passenger side.

“They took a good husband and a good father,” said Megan Smith Aguilar, the wife of 27-year-old Eloy Aguilar.

He leaves behind a big extended family, his wife and his 3-year-old daughter.

“She still asks, we haven’t told her, but she wants to know where her daddy is,” said Aguilar’s sister-in-law Marissa Aguilar.

The Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office says Aguilar was walking along FM 548, north of Munson Rd, when he was hit, not far from the home he was visiting.

Passers-by called 911 when they found him in the road just before 2 AM on Friday. Investigators are looking for the driver who hit him and didn’t stop.

“They’re horrible. I don’t know who has the heart to do that, to just leave him there, dying, suffering. We don’t know if he suffered, we don’t know how long he suffered for,” said Megan Smith Aguilar.

“We could understand it’s an accident, had they stopped and tried to help, but no they just took off,” said Aguilar’s nephew, Alan Gonzalez.

Investigators are looking at area businesses and homes to see if any surveillance video might lead them to the driver and give Aguilar’s family the answers and closure they need.

“I don’t know if he was laying there and suffering, I don’t know if he was killed instantly, I don’t know if maybe the police got there in time, if he could’ve been saved, there’s a million things,” said Meagan Smith Aguilar.

The Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public for information. They believe the Corolla has damage to the front-right passenger side.