Modular home blown over, onto car in Johnson County

One person was taken to the hospital after a modular home was blown over and onto a car during the storms Wednesday morning.

Johnson County Emergency Management reports this happened near Bramblett Rd. and Hwy 4, southwest of Cleburne.

“Part of my ear was ripped off, not completely off, but they had to sew that back on,” said Kim Howell, who was injured after the home blew over. “A lot of scrapes and bruises.”

Howell was headed to her mother’s house, but as she was walking out of her front door, the wind blew the door in, which knocked her back into the home.

The house then flipped over, and Howell was thrown against the wall, which was now on the ground.

Howell was released after being treated at an area hospital.

She said that she’s already been through this once, when a small tornado destroyed her home at the same location in 2011.

Howell said she’ll be looking into another type of house for next time, or she might move.