Missing Korean War soldier's remains return home for Veterans Day burial

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The remains of a soldier who died in the Korean War are back in Dallas 68 years later.

The funeral was Sunday for Army Cpl. Buddy Mills.  He was listed missing in action in the Korean War in 1950. His remains were finally identified in July using DNA technology.

He still has family in North Texas and they were grateful to get him home.

“It really is giving us a sense of what Veteran's Day really means because now most of our family members have been in the service. But to have lost one and not been able to account for it and now we have something that we can really be proud of. We've been trying to tell so many people, if you have a lost one get a hold of DPAA because they're begging people to contact them,” said Eva Arnold, Mills’ niece.

The agency is the one that tries to match unidentified remains with living relatives.

Cpl. Mills will be buried Monday at DFW National Cemetery.