Missing fisherman's boat found on Lake Ray Hubbard

The search will resume Friday morning for a 50-year-old Rowlett man who never came home from a fishing trip on Lake Ray Hubbard.

Rescuers found Mark Jordan’s capsized boat Thursday afternoon while searching for him in the lake.

Jordan's brother called him and experienced boater who is very familiar with navigating the waters of Lake Ray Hubbard. As a matter of fact, Jordan has been stranded out on the lake before and was rescued. His family is hoping for the same outcome.

Dallas Fire-Rescue officials said a relative called 911 about 11 a.m. Thursday to report that Jordan had not returned from a fishing trip on Wednesday that he left for about 7 p.m.

Dallas’ Air One was able to locate his capsized boat in the water about a half a mile south of the Highway 66 Bridge, which is in the area where Jordan’s relative said he typically likes to fish.

"We have found indications in the form of debris along the shore indicating that he was in this area.  Or rather, the water current took some of the debris to this area after the boat capsized,” said Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesman Jason Evans.

His truck and trailer were found on the Highway 66 ramp Thursday morning, but there were no signs of him.

And as day turns to night, Jordan's family is desperate to find the husband and father alive.

“It's kind of a shock so right now,” said Jordan’s brother, Matt. “We're just hoping for the best. Hoping he called a friend or something to come get him. Maybe he'll show up tomorrow and this will have a good ending to it.”

Because no one knows exactly where and when the boat capsized, investigators really have no idea where to concentrate their search efforts. They say wind is a major factor.

Texas Game Wardens are using sonar radars to search the murky water. They'll resume their search Friday morning at sunrise.