Missing dog reunited with owner 5 years later

A dog that disappeared from a Lewisville backyard five years ago is finally back with its rightful owner after being picked up in Dallas.

Trevor Browning’s reunion Penny Lane at a Dallas animal shelter on Friday was a dream come true. The chocolate lab mix was microchipped when she went missing. But Browning says after playing with another dog, the chip slid down to her back end.

When Penny Lane went missing five years ago, Browning thought he was never going to see her again because shelters normally only scan the shoulders for a chip. He still can’t believe he finally has his dog back.

"I want to let her see the back yard and let her realize like you know this place because she'll recognize that if she doesn’t recognize me,” Browning said. “I think she recognizes me. It's been so long though, you know."

Browning posted a video on his Facebook not long after picking up Penny Lane. Even if she doesn’t recognize the backyard, she definitely looked happy to be there.

Dallas Animal Services says Penny Lane's microchip was important in making this reunion happen. They want to remind residents that dogs are required to have a microchip in the city of Dallas.