Mesquite police warn of 'jugging' robberies on rise

Mesquite police are warning people of an alarming and growing trend called "jugging robberies."

They say it's a new twist on an old crime, with a new name – robbing people after they leave area banks

In most jugging cases, people aren't accosted face-to-face, though that has happened.

Here's how it works: crooks lie in wait for someone to leave a bank with a bank bag, and then wait for them to leave that bag "safely" in their vehicle.

The thieves then break in, steal the money and go.

"There've been offenses like this all over the state," said Lt. Brian Parrish with the Mesquite Police Department. "In fact, Houston's had offenses like this for quite a while."

Parrish said that Mesquite police have seen several cases recently –- 11 so far in about three months.

"We have begun putting undercover cars in the areas of the banks in Mesquite," said Parrish.

That's how police came to make a recent traffic stop, after watching two suspects in a car follow a man leaving the bank with a money bag,

Police watched as the suspects followed the man all over town until he walked away from his vehicle.

"Within just a few seconds, the suspects went by the vehicle, broke into the vehicle, retrieved the bag," said Parrish.

But the suspects didn't get away. Police arrested them -- Ricky Jamal Bridgewater and Andrew Tolliver Gillette, both of Houston.

"Do you know yet if they are good for any of your other nearly dozen cases?" asked FOX 4's Shaun Rabb.

"We don't know yet, but we have ongoing investigations," said Parrish.

Mesquite police are doing more than waiting, though.

"We have to be proactive and go out hunting them," said Parrish. "That's exactly what we're doing in Mesquite."

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