Medal of Honor motorcade passes through North Texas

There was a big welcome for a group of heroic veterans from around the country who were honored in North Texas.

Law officers and first responders joined a long motorcade or set up along the highway to show their support. Others stood along the side of the road.

The Medal of Honor recipients are being honored in Gainesville with several days of events. The 14 recipients got the red carpet treatment and will continue throughout this weekend up in Gainesville.

As their motorcade passed by in North Texas, people couldn't wait to catch a glimpse of them.

The motorcade included more than 500 vehicles including the patriot guard riders, North Texas firefighters and, and police officers. It stretched for roughly nine miles.

“There are only 75 living Medal of Honor recipients,” explained Denton County Constable Chief Deputy Barry Minoff. “Most people in their lifetime will never meet one, let alone 14 in one location at the same time."

U.S. Navy Veteran Bill Frost stood on an overpass in Argyle and waved as they passed by.

“These people earn it,” he said. “They earned this award. It's not an award, it's recognition for what they did."

More than a dozen pictures were posted of what Medal Of Honor recipients saw from North Texans along the route on their Facebook page.

"I'm just so grateful to all those who serve our country and for our freedom and for the sacrifices they make,” said Trish Marshall, who watched the motorcade. “I think we should all be cheering them and giving them attention.”