McKinney North students wear orange for suicide awareness

Counselors will be at McKinney North High School this week following a suicide that happened on campus Friday.

No one else was hurt when the 10th-grade student shot himself in an empty classroom.

Fellow students held a vigil Sunday night and many showed up for class Monday wearing orange, a color that represents suicide awareness.

"We're just trying to get through it with kindness instead of negativity, I guess, and look at the positive of how many lives were kept safe instead of were harmed," said Victoria Waggoner, a senior at McKinney North High School.

"They're here to get an education and look what's happening. It's sad. It really is," added a concerned parent.

Some parents are demanding metal detectors at the school.

An online petition is also calling for mental health screenings for students and some way to prevent weapons from coming onto the campus.