Marvel superheroes use 3D printers to make kids new hands

The cast of Marvel Universe LIVE! helped some young patients make new hands.

The cast is in town for their show at the American Airlines Center and spent time Wednesday with mechanical hand patients and their families.

The non-profit group E-Nable taught them how to make the hands using 3D printers, which included some unique colors for the kids.

"This is amazing. This is a one-of-a-kind experience especially to meet like Kinley and to hear her story and all the other kids' stories. And to be able to help them be able to have two hands, how special is that," said Chailee Fraint, who plays Black Widow.

The mechanical devices normally cost around $30,000. They can be made with 3D printers for less than $50.

The Marvel show is at the AAC through Sunday.