Mansfield ISD to begin delivering devices to students' homes for virtual learning

Mansfield ISD announced it will now deliver electronic devices needed for virtual learning to its students’ homes instead of requiring pickup.

This comes after several days of long lines at Mansfield ISD as parents had to pick up the devices for their students. Parents have complained about waiting in line up to 12 hours.

During a board meeting Tuesday night, Mansfield ISD instead decided on a plan to start delivering the devices to students’ homes.

Parents are asked to log on to the district's website and fill out an online form. After that, the district will deliver to devices to the homes once they are ready.

LINK: Mansfield ISD Device Delivery Form

The district reiterates that any student who is unable to get a device before school starts will not be penalized in any way.

“This process has not reflected the excellence people expect from MISD,” said MISD Superintendent Dr. Kimberley Cantu. “We are doing everything we can to correct it.”

Online learning starts Aug. 12, and in-person classes are set to begin Sept. 8.

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