Man's body found in Denton recycling center

Police are investigating the death of a man found at a recycling facility in Denton.

The body was discovered Monday afternoon by an employee. Investigators say the body is that of an adult male who was wearing multiple layers of clothing and did not have any identification on him.

Just before 1 p.m., Denton police say they received a call from workers at the Denton County Recycling Division after they found a body inside a warehouse as they were sorting through the recyclables items.

Detectives are trying to determine who the deceased person is, where he came from and ultimately what happened to him.

"There could be a lot of different scenarios,” said Denton Police Officer Shane Kizer. “From foul play to it could be someone crawled into a recycling dumpster because it's probably just a little bit cleaner than the normal trash dumpsters, or any number of different things."

The medical examiner's office will ultimately determine the cause of death in this case. In the meantime, investigators are trying to are trying to find out when the body was brought there, what truck it was and ultimately where the body came from.

Police are trying to do is determine if there are any missing persons reported in the area.