Man who intentionally drove truck into FOX4 building apologizes ahead of court date

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The man who repeatedly rammed a pickup truck into the FOX4 building went to court Tuesday for the first time since the September attack.

Michael Chadwick faces a criminal mischief charge for intentionally crashing his car into the side of the building. Once he stopped, fry got out screaming and threw printed sheets of paper onto the sidewalk and street.

The early morning attack happened before many employees arrived and who could have been injured.

“I'm sorry for what I did to y’alls station. I was just in danger, no one was listening to me,” Chadwick said on Tuesday. "I'm sorry for what I did, I just was trying to get, I was trying to force a reprint to shine light on the situation because these people grouped up and went to the news."

Chadwick was angry about a 2012 Denton County traffic stop that resulted in his friend being shot and killed. Fry said he was trying to get media attention about the incident.

Fry's criminal history dates back to 2003 and includes multiple DWI's, assault and drug possession. He said he's now willing to make amends. 

"I'm willing to face what I've got too, and I'm hoping they will take it easy on me, and hoping they will forgive me,” Chadwick said.

The next hearing in the case has yet to be scheduled.