Man shoots, kills robbery suspect near SMU campus

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A man who was being robbed at his Dallas apartment shot and killed a robbery suspect.

It happened around 9 p.m. Tuesday at the Mockingbird Flats apartments on SMU Boulevard near Greenville Avenue, not far from the Southern Methodist University campus.

Police found the suspected armed robber dead inside an apartment.

Justin McNeely told FOX 4 a man who he’d never seen before followed him from outside his apartment and tried to rob him. The robber allegedly pushed his way inside the apartment and attacked.

“I didn’t know him at all. He followed me outside the apartments. Came back in. He followed me and tried to run inside the apartment. He pulled out his weapon and I shot him,” he said.

McNeely was also wounded in an exchange of gunfire. He was taken to a Dallas hospital and is reportedly in good condition.

Those who live at the Mockingbird Flats were shaken up. Even people working nearby could hear the commotion.

“Cop cars sped up, you know parked pretty quickly and ran in. A couple minutes later about 15 more cop cars pulled up and people ran out. Some people that ran out said the cops ran in with guns. So initially everyone stood up and wanted to watch knowing something bad was happening,” said Logan Morris, a neighbor.

Dallas police are still interviewing witnesses and trying to piece together exactly what happened.