Man offering $25,000 ‘referral fee’ to person who finds his next girlfriend

Calling all single ladies: A Kansas man is willing to pay thousands of dollars to find Mrs. Right. 

Jeff Gebhart has launched an online competition to find his next girlfriend which includes a $25,000 “referral fee” for one lucky matchmaker as well as an additional $25,000 donation to a no-kill dog shelter. 

“I rather that money go to someone who is interested in helping along in this quest rather than all the businesses that are associated with dating,” Gebhart said on his website. 

To enter the competition, individuals will need to complete a questionnaire on Gebhart's website explaining why their friend is a good match for him.

Single ladies can enter themselves into the running for Gebhart’s heart, but they will be required to complete a personality matching survey. They will also be ineligible to receive the cash referral payout.

The survey will reportedly include questions like “Do you like dogs?,” an important factor for Gebhart, who owns a golden retriever named Gunner. 

Gebhart’s website, features several photos of the eligible bachelor and gives potential matches an inside look into what it might be like to date him. Gebhart even included testimonials from friends about why he’s such a great catch.

“Jeff gives 100 into everything he does (fitness, business, relationships and most importantly — his friends and family,” one peer review reads. 

Gebhart decided to take the unconventional approach at finding love after growing frustrated with the dating app scene, according to his website.

“I don’t want to go back to the normal app-based dating stuff,” Gebhart said in a video post about the competition. “I think a lot of people treat each other poorly through that and it’s a toxic community.”

The 47-year-old entrepreneur said he believes there’s a significant pool of women who share his sentiments about online dating and he hopes his new initiative will help him meet them. 

“I know that app based dating is so bad that there’s a certain segment of the demographics that choose not to even enter into it,” Gebhart said. “I would never have the opportunity to meet these women.”

While Gebhart admits paying to find a soulmate is a “little weird,” he believes the cost of finding love is priceless and to be frank — dating is expensive.

“Every month I spend X,” Gehart admitted. “There’s a lot of dates, dinners, drinks, axe throwing whatever; so we just took how much it took a month basically and how much it took to find a significant other through the current means and offered a reward for that.”

The referarral fee will be paid out in five $5,000 installments over the course of five years after the candidate has sucessfully dated Gebhart for at least 365 days, according to the competition's official terms and conditions

This story was reported from Los Angeles.