Man meets first responders who saved his life at Dallas St. Patrick's Day Parade after heart attack

A man who nearly died during the Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Parade got to meet the first responders who saved his life.

James Sullivan is now out of the hospital after suffering a heart attack March 16. He says the last thing he remembers about the day is parking his car and walking to the parade route.

Police and Dallas Fire-Rescue crews received the call and responded quickly as the parade was just getting started. They were able to keep Sullivan alive until he could get to the hospital for surgery.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart, no pun intended that y’all do what you do,” Sullivan said.

First responders said it was gratifying to see a patient recovering after a major health event.

“It's just a great feeling knowing that everything we do and training we do actually has a good outcome and we work hard every day to try to get this outcome and it’s great to see it in person,” said Brandon Powell, Dallas-Fire Rescue.

Sullivan was hospitalized for six days after a triple coronary bypass surgery. He says he'll be in rehab for the next couple of weeks but can't wait to get back on his feet.