Man cleared in Denton County crash that killed 22-year-old

A man police said caused a crash that killed a young mother has been cleared by a Denton County grand jury.

Lauren Clearman, 22, was driving on a two lane road in Denton County in June 2015 when a driver crossed into her lane and struck her head-on -- killing her instantly. A passenger, a 5-year boy and the son of one of her friends was seriously injured.

Jorge Ochoa was charged with criminally negligent homicide and had been out of jail on bond since a day after the crash. Last Thursday, a grand jury decided not to indict Ochoa.

"We just don't feel like all of the facts were brought to the table … that there's any justice here," said Jaci Clearman.

Fort Worth attorney Trent Loftin, a former prosecutor and grand jury attorney not involved in the case, said prosecutors had to prove Ochoa took an unjustifiable risk.

Clearman’s family said they’re upset about the decision and now face the reality that most likely a civil action is their only option for holding Ochoa responsible.

"We just don't feel like we got, she got, what she deserved because it feels like it's just being swept under the rug,” Jaci Clearman said.