Man awaiting trial for deadly crash arrested again for DWI

A wrong-way driver accused of hitting and killing a motorcyclist in Forney last year was arrested again on suspicion of drunk driving.

The Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office stopped 60-year-old Kyle Lee Bradshaw early Thursday morning and arrested him for driving while intoxicated. He was free on bond while awaiting trial for the death of 57-year-old Gary Don Thorp of Garland. He’s charged with intoxication manslaughter.

Witnesses said Bradshaw was noticeably impaired last May when he got into an SUV and began driving erratically. He took an exit ramp to go the wrong way on Highway 80 in Forney.

The witnesses called 911 but it was too late. Bradshaw’s SUV hit Thorp and his son, who were both on motorcycles. Thorp was thrown from his bike and pinned under the SUV. He died at the scene. His son was treated for minor injuries.

Thorp’s family members said they were stunned to hear about the recent arrest.

"They're are all very thankful he's back in jail because, obviously, he's going to continue to drink and drive and could've taken it in someone else's life,” said Bobbie Lewis, the victim’s ex-wife.

Attorney Mark Lassiter is not involved in the case but specializes in DWI cases.   

"If he gets arrested for DWI while he's out on bond for intoxication manslaughter, what it would tell the average citizen is that this person just doesn't care and that he hurt somebody,” the lawyer said.

It's not clear if there were any driving restrictions imposed on Bradshaw when he was released on bond.

“My opinion would be that he's really looking at a larger sentence. A much more, a much larger sentence then he ever would have potential he gotten had this not occurred,” Lassiter said. “Judges do take these things into consideration when they do the sentencing. Because they want to know has this person recognized the wrongfulness of his actions and have they changed?"

Bradshaw’s trial was set for July and he would have faced up to 20 years in prison if convicted. He is expected to plead guilty and then be sentenced by the judge. It’s not yet clear how the new arrest will affect the case.

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