Man arrested for stabbing person at Dallas gas station

A man who works for a company representing the Texas Lottery says he was attacked by a man with a knife at a Dallas convenience store last month.

Surveillance video captured part of the July 19 assault that left David Houle wounded and fighting his attacker.

Houle contacted FOX 4 Thursday morning because he said he hadn't heard from Dallas police since the attack. Concerned about the delay, FOX 4 contacted police and began our work. It turns out police had done theirs, but Houle hadn't been notified.

It was a little before 9 a.m. on Friday, July 19. Houle works for the Texas Lottery vendor and was at the EZ One Stop on Lancaster and Saner.

“I walked into the store and noticed there was a gentleman sitting there at one of the tables,” he recalled. “I walked past the gentleman who was sitting there. He started talking to me about God, and I agreed with him.”

Houle says things changed when he walked out of the front door.

“I turned around. He jumped up out of that seat and pulled at least a 10- to 12-inch knife out,” he recalled. “He came after me, and I put my arm up. He stabbed me right through my arm.”

Pictures provided by Houle show where the knife went through his arm.

“Doctors were just amazed that it didn’t hit any of my nerves,” Houle said. “He said there are three nerves that control my arm and my hand. He said if it hit one of them, I would have never returned to work.”

Houle was a one-time sheriff's deputy from decades ago. He used what he learned then to save his life last month.

“I rolled down on the ground and used some defensive tactics I learned at the sheriff's academy,” he said. “And I got up and pushed him off me with my left hand, and I went to the door that leads to the kitchen.”

The same man seen on video stabbing Houle returned to the store on July 27. He was recognized by the clerk who locked the doors with him inside and called police.

Houle says he received a phone call from a detective Thursday afternoon that Christopher Ross was the man arrested. He is in jail on criminal trespass, and an aggravated assault deadly weapon charge is being prepared.

While Houle is going back to work on Monday, the Grand Prairie man says he is not going to go back to work in Dallas. He'll start a new route in another part of North Texas on Monday.