Man accused of secretly recording girls in North Texas stores

Police in Lake Worth arrested a man charged with secretly recording women and girls in public places dating back to 2011.

Alexander Rene Martinez is accused of taking inappropriate pictures of girls.

Investigators say they discovered hundreds of images in Alexander’s possession. The pictures were taken in Walmart and Target stores and in malls in Dallas and Tarrant counties.

"He's been everywhere in the Dallas Fort Worth area,” said Lake Worth Detective Richard Martinez.

The 32-year-old is accused of taking hundreds of inappropriate pictures and videos of women who never knew it was happening.

"Upskirt videos. Dressing rooms videos. Teenagers getting undressed. Women getting undressed. Peeping Toms through the windows at night,” the detective said. “He was doing this on escalators. Doing it in restaurants. Inside the store dressing rooms. Bedrooms."

Police say Alexander was very bold when taking the videos and pictures.

"There's even husbands and boyfriends next to the victims, and he's still doing it,” Richard said. ‘So it can escalate to something else, and that's what we're worried about."

Lake Worth PD first arrested Alexander in March for recording a woman in a Target dressing room. Detectives say a search warrant for his home computer revealed he had been taking inappropriate pictures of women for the last seven years.

Police arrested Alexander’s girlfriend saying she knew about the pictures and offered to delete them after his arrest. Some images captured him during what investigators call his usual technique.

“Placing that phone on the floor, he'll slide it between your feet. And then three or four seconds later, he reaches down and picks it up,” Richard said. “In the dressing rooms, he's holding a Selfie Stick up above. And he's aiming down where you see teenage girls and young ladies undressing and dressing."

No one answered the door at Alexander’s home in Hurst, but a neighbor said the images looking into homes worry her.

“That's very concerning. I have two female children. Being a female myself, that's concerning. We’re very close with our female neighbor,” said Jeanie Miner. “I will definitely be keeping an even closer eye out then we already do.”

“There's more victims out there that were violated,” Richards said. “We're just trying to get them identified. Hopefully, they can come forward and talk to us and see if they remember this guy."

Alexander is charged with invasive visual recording, which is a felony. He is out on bond.