Maleah Davis memorialized with bronze sculpture in Houston

The death of four-year-old Maleah Davis broke hearts across Houston, and now the little girl who touched so many people is being memorialized in a special way.

An artist in Houston is creating a bronze sculpture to honor Maleah.

“Once the news broke out about the Maleah Davis story, it just really captivated me and it was just something that was in my heart to do, to be her voice after the fact so that no one forgets her little name," Shirley Scarpetta says. "She is definitely now considered Houston’s angel. And whomever houses her, wherever we find a home for her, that she won't be forgotten and the other little children that are out there that have been either a form of abuse or something like that, that people will try not to do that and not harm their children.”

Right now, Scarpetta is looking for a permanent location for the sculpture.

“Just somewhere where she makes the biggest impact," she says. "Somewhere where whenever people walk through, that they can be reminded to either help the children or just to have a conversation about it.”

She says as difficult as the topic is, the conversation needs to happen.

“There needs to be a conversation about that, of what's happening to our children in society. Of what we need to be better protectors for our children," Scarpetta says.


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