Lime's electric scooters join Bird's on Dallas streets

Two companies are now offering rental electric scooters in Dallas, just days after the city council approved their use.

Lime deployed 250 scooters were throughout Uptown and downtown Dallas on Monday for the first time. Lime is one of the companies behind all the rental bikes that have been in Dallas for almost a year now. Another company renting scooters is Bird. Their scooters started appearing last Friday in Dallas.

"I decided to go for the scooter because it seems easier,” said scooter customer Abbie Hansen. “Easier than the bike, less pedaling, more just standing.”

The Dallas City Council approved a six-month pilot program for the scooters and established some rules last week. The scooters cannot be driven on the sidewalks in downtown Dallas and Deep Ellum. They also can’t be driven on roads where the speed limit is greater than 35 miles per hour.

"Unlike the bikes these are required to be picked up on a daily basis. We do have to charge them. We use a network of juicers that are independent contractors that go around, pick them up, charge them and any that they don't pick up or ones that need maintenance we pick them up, our local operations team will pick them up,” said Lime’s Jeff Roberts.

Both company's scooters cost $1 to start and then 15 cents per minute after that. Riders do have to scan a valid driver’s license in the app to ride. One thing that’s not required to ride is a helmet. According to Texas law, helmets are not mandatory.

"The big thing on the scooter is it’s just an innovative way to get around, you don't have to pedal like our normal bikes, there’s an electric motor and it's fun. You can't ride it and not smile,” Roberts said.

At the end of the pilot program, the city council will review the regulations and decide if any adjustments need to be made.

Lime and Bird said they will each eventually place 500 electric scooters for rent around town.