Lawyers for Plano bartender arrested for serving mass murderer working on legal strategy

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Attorneys for the Plano bartender arrested for serving alcohol to a man who later murdered eight people are already working on their legal strategy.

Lindsey Glass, 27, was charged with a misdemeanor for serving Spencer Hight, who went on to commit the worst mass shooting in Plano history.

“She’s reliving it and she’s devastated,” said attorney Scott Palmer.

The misdemeanor charge was brought against glass more than a year and a half after the deadly shooting. Hight took eight lives, including his estranged wife, before police shot and killed him. Hight’s blood alcohol level was four times the legal limit.

The recently released arrest affidavit says Hight had five drinks over two separate visits to the bar that day. Surveillance cameras captured Hight with a “big knife on the bar”… then he’s seen “pulling out a gun” from his waistband.

Glass sent several texts to a co-worker about his behavior, saying in part Hight said he had to go “do some dirty work”

“It really comes down to can they prove he was obviously intoxicated,” Palmer said. “We are going to examine in detail her actions, her interactions with him or lack thereof and determine whether she understood or believed him to be intoxicated.”

Her attorneys say she was the only bartender working that afternoon and did not have meaningful exchanges with Hight.

They say they have yet to see all of the video, but do not believe he showed any weapons in her presence and once she did realize something was wrong, she and another coworker followed him to his estranged wife’s house and called 911.

“She saw something, she said something. She tried to pursue him to see where she was going. And then once it clicked this is not right he is about to do something that is so wrong, she made the call,” said attorney Rebekah Perlstein.

Palmer said the suspect was motivated and the drinks weren’t a factor.

“The problem was this young man was hell bent on doing this whether he came to this bar or not,” Palmer said.