Kitchen fire displaces dozen at Dallas apartment complex

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The American Red Cross will be helping about 40 people who lost their homes in an apartment fire Tuesday morning.

Dallas Fire-Rescue said the fire at the Spanish Creek Apartments on Harwell Drive in Northwest Dallas started around 10:30 a.m.

A resident on the second floor reportedly left food unattended on the kitchen stove and the fire made its way into the attic.

When firefighters arrived they found smoke in the attic of the two-story apartment building. It quickly turned to flames that shot through the roof.

Resident Filipe Rivera said he was at a New Year’s Eve party with friends and family last night. He woke to the noise of neighbors and firefighters trying to get everyone out of the building.

“The fireman said, ‘Out! Out! Everybody get out!” he said.

Yenny Peralta said the smell of smoke and sound of the firefighters also woke her up.

“I grabbed really important papers like my birth certificate and my brother, he was only in boxers so we had to make sure he had at least something on. And that’s when we got what we could. We got the keys for the truck and we just left,” she said.

Although the fire mostly damaged the apartment where it started, seven other apartments are now uninhabitable because of roof and water damage.

The Red Cross is helping the residents get immediate supplies and find a new place to stay.

No one was hurt.