Keller superintendent says some books removed from libraries, including the Bible, will likely return

Some of the books that were pulled from library shelves at Keller ISD will likely be returned to circulation very soon.

That is according to a message from the district’s superintendent, who made his first comments on the issue Thursday.

The district ordered its campuses to remove 41 books under a new school board policy.

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Those books were previously approved by review committees under a policy the board president described as flawed.

Keller ISD Superintendent Rick Westfall reinforced the district's position that this is not a book ban in a message to parents and students Thursday. He added the books were not chosen by Keller ISD, but by parents and community members.

He said employees have been attacked on social media, by phone and by email, under the misconception that they developed the list.

The books are being stored in a parental consent area for review.

Westfall said he anticipates some titles, including the Bible and Anne Frank's Diary: The Graphic Adaptation, will be returned to shelves "very soon."