Jurors see physical evidence in trial for missing Fort Worth woman Typhenie Johnson

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The state continued with a string of investigators talking about the physical evidence collected after a Fort Worth woman disappeared. Her boyfriend is now on trial for her kidnapping.

Although Friday was the third day of testimony, it was the first time Typhenie Johnson’s mother attended the proceedings.

The suspect, 35-year-old Christopher Revill, has listened to testimony without any noticeable reaction throughout the trial.

Prosecutors began with a Fort Worth detective who recalled questioning the defendant the night Johnson disappeared. She was last seen on Oct. 10, 2016 having a conversation with Revill outside her apartment.

Det. Pat Henz described his interaction with Revill soon after Johnson vanished. Revill had been summoned back to the apartment to talk to police, who were trying to find Johnson.

"He mentioned that he loved her. That they were in this relationship but at that moment he said, 'that girl,' referring to her as, 'that girl' and the rest of the entire interview never used Typhenie's name. Never called her by name, never said anything other than she or if I said Typhenie,” Det. Henz said.

Other testimony involved items found at the home of Revill's parents on the day after Johnson’s disappearance.  The items included a white top, a bra with the clasp closure stretched out straight and a broken FitBit watch.

The defense followed up with cross-examination and asked that same investigator if he was aware that Johnson once lived at the address with Revill.  He said he was not aware.

The trial will resume on Monday.