JPS Health Network CEO criticizes elevator company

The CEO of John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth sharply criticized the company in charge of its elevators, saying Thyssenkrupp 'jeopardized' the safety of the hospital's patients and staff.

More than a week ago, an elevator accident in the hospital seriously hurt a hospital employee.

The letter sent to Thyssenkrupp Monday doesn't simply raise questions about the Jan. 20 incident. JPS said it's continued to have issues with elevators since then, affecting its ability to take care of patients.

According to CEO Robert Earley, seven of its elevators were out of service on Friday, just days after Thyssenkrupp inspectors were at the hospital.

“The ripple effect of this tragedy, the numerous elevators taken out of service as assessments and reviews continue, has impacted our ability to care for our community," Earley writes.

The letter goes on to hint at legal action.

Hospital officials have said they want to be transparent but have not shared any details of the accident.

They’ve only said the female victim was seriously injured in one of the purple patient tower elevators and it was stopped on the 10th floor.

Fellow employees jumped in to help and get her to the emergency department and intensive care unit.