Josh Brent back in jail after Sunday's arrest in Coppell

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Former Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent returned to the Dallas County jail after being arrested over the weekend in Coppell.

Brent was taken to the Dallas County jail Monday afternoon. There is now new trouble for the one-time Cowboy who was sentenced to ten years of probation after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter in a drunk driving crash that happened seven years ago.

Brent was being held in jail on bonds totaling $50,000 on charges of felony assault of a public servant and misdemeanor resisting arrest.

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A team of jailers stood ready to assist the officers while taking Brent to the Dallas County jail. He was shackled with his hands at his waist and chains on his feet.

"We had some extra deputies just in case because you know he was a problem yesterday," said Dallas County Sheriff's Deputy Raul Reyna.

Brent was arrested on Sunday by Coppell police for public intoxication. Someone called 911 to report that a man was talking to himself while sitting under a tree near a Wendy's restaurant.

Arriving officers felt Brent was intoxicated and attempted to take him into custody. He reportedly resisted and was tased by police before he could be placed in cuffs. He is currently charged with resisting arrest and assault on a public servant.

"He's gonna go in front of the judge. The judge is gonna set the bond amount on the charges," Reyna said.

Two people close to Brent, who asked that FOX 4 not yet identify them, say he was not intoxicated but may have suffered some sort of mental or emotional health episode. Police say he admitted to them that he'd been drinking, but he is expected to undergo a psychological work up.

"What we're hearing is most likely he will be sent to the hospital for treatment and evaluation," Reyna said.

Brent was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in a 2012 drunk driving accident that killed his best friend and Cowboy teammate Jerry Brown. He'd been placed on ten years of probation and had been doing fine until now.

It all started with an arrest on public intoxication. Coppell police say that charge is still pending based on what is determined about Brent's current mental state following a court-ordered evaluation.

Brent has since posted bond and was released from jail.