Fundraiser for 80-year-old North Texas janitor who had to unretire tops $160,000

Donations continue to pour in for a Callisburg High School janitor after students at the school learned that he needed to leave retirement to take the job.

A GoFundMe for the 80-year-old janitor known to students as Mr. James has now raised more than $160,000 in a week since it was posted.

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Mr. James started working at the school in January after his rent was raised by about $400 per month, and he could not make ends meet.

Three students heard their new janitor's story and decided to start the fundraising campaign with the title ‘Getting Mr. James out of this school.’

The teens set the original goal at $10,000, which it quickly surpassed.

"When we told him, he was kind of like, 'dang, that's alright!'," said Callisburg senior Marti Yousko, who had the idea to start the campaign. 

"Nobody deserves to work their whole life. They deserve to enjoy everything," said student Greyson Thurman, who posted the campaign.

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FOX 4 asked Mr. James for an interview. He declined, but was okay with his story being shared with others.

Callisburg ISD confirms that as of Wednesday, Mr. James is still employed by the district and hasn't said anything to them about quitting yet.