McKinney man given Bronze Star for his time serving during the Vietnam War

A McKinney resident has been awarded the Bronze Star for his actions while serving in the Vietnam War.

James Clint Pruett was a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War.

In November 1970, he said he came upon enemy campgrounds and exchanged fire from the sky, killing several people.

Pruett said he was told he was put in for a medal for his bravery that day, but never heard anything else about it.

That was until recently, when he said he filed paperwork with a local VA to cover benefits for hearing loss sustained during his time in the military.


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That’s when he saw he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal.

He said he contacted Congressman Keith Self, who confirmed he was awarded the medal.

"It’s a reflection of the fact that we don’t do anything along. I didn’t earn that award by myself. Everyone who participated, from providing the aircraft I flew, training me, all the support we get. It’s all a part of the military. We stand as one, and really, it’s kind of a reflection of all of us," Pruett said.

The award was presented to Pruett Sunday at Stepping Stones Church of McKinney.