Jailed Dallas activist compares his situation to civil rights leaders'

A prominent Dallas activist jailed last week on probation violations took some responsibility for his actions in an interview with FOX4 on Monday, but also put a lot of blame on law enforcement.

Dominique Alexander admitted he was responsible for fulfilling the terms of his probation and for the consequences that come with violating it, but he said his violations had already been addressed in court.

On Monday he would only talk to FOX4 from jail if the station agreed not show his face on TV -- explaining he did not want his children to see him in prison stripes.

He compared his current plight to other famous civil rights leaders.

“No one is perfect. Dr. King wasn't perfect, Malcolm X wasn't perfect, Gandhi wasn't perfect, Nelson Mandela, many other leaders who came before me, Al Lipscomb, nobody was perfect,” Alexander said.

Alexander blames law enforcement for pressuring the judge in his case to issue a motion to revoke -- thereby silencing the voice of the movement questioning police.

Alexander's most serious criminal case is a felony child abuse conviction for violently shaking his girlfriend's 2-year-old son in 2009.

Alexander said he'd had a hearing about various probation violations, including leaving the state Aug. 3. He said Judge Gracie Lewis sentenced him to 30 days of community service, which he had until early September to complete.

But the tipping point came Aug. 8 at city hall, where he turned up prior to a protest Chief Brown had asked him to cancel. Alexander was arrested on traffic warrants.

“My activism, because of my community organizing, I'm here today. I didn't do anything wrong again,” Alexander said.

Alexander remains in administrative custody -- at the discretion of the Dallas County Sheriff's Office -- which keeps him away from other inmates for his own safety.

Alexander says he is still in touch with members of next generation action network, and new leadership is in place. He claims he doesn't know what, if any protests, they have planned in the future.