Dallas suspected drunk driver 'drank a lot' at Buffalo Wild Wings before fatal crash: arrest warrant

One person is dead, and another is in custody after a crash overnight in Southeast Oak Cliff.

According to Dallas police, a driver was trying to escape the scene of a crash when they slammed into a vehicle along Simpson Stuart Road near Bonnie View Toad.

Firefighters pulled the victim from one vehicle. That person died at a hospital.

Police say the driver, 28-year-old Jacob Arredondo, was arrested for intoxication manslaughter.

Officers on scene say they immediately smelled alcohol on the suspect. They say he failed multiple sobriety tests on scene prior to him being arrested. 

The victim's mother says she heard the crash from her apartment nearby and instantly knew something was terribly wrong. 

Cameron Horton couldn't wait to be a father. The 18-year-old just learned he and his girlfriend were expecting a baby boy later this year. 

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Horton's aunt, Jermisha Walker, says that future of fatherhood was senselessly stripped away. 

"He was that light that we look forward to seeing," she said.

According to Dallas police, late Friday evening, a suspected drunken driver in a silver Acura ran a red light at the intersection of Bonnie View and Simpson Stuart roads in Southeast Oak Cliff and slammed into Horton's blue Chevy sedan. Horton later died at the hospital. 

28-year-old Jacob Arredondo was arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter.  Video from the scene shows him slumped over on the front of a DPD cruiser. 

Investigators say Arredondo was speeding away from another minor crash in the area when he then caused the deadly accident.

"You didn’t care for yourself or nobody else, and that’s not fair. It’s not fair to us because now we miss him, but you are still here," Walker said. "We are the ones who wake up, and he’s not there."

According to an arrest warrant affidavit FOX 4 obtained on Monday, Arredondo told officers he was headed home from a Buffalo Wild Wings, where he "drank a lot."

Police say Arredondo later admitted he "consumed four tall glasses of Corona Premier draft" and went on to say "he often drove intoxicated."

A breathalyzer test on scene read .175, more than twice the legal limit.

And the affidavit also says Arredondo consented to giving police a blood sample for his blood alcohol content.

"He shouldn’t be let off so easy. Not like five years or probation," Walker said.

Horton's family lives just a block away from the crash. 

"My mom heard it, and she called me and asked me where he was," said Kanya Forbes, Horton’s sister.

Horton's little sister didn't even realize her brother had left the apartment and never could've imagined he wouldn't come back from a quick trip to the corner store.

"It still doesn't feel real," Forbes said.

A witness to the crash stopped for gas at the intersection where the crash took place. He says Arredondo tried to run away from the deadly crash, but the witness and others stopped him until police got there. 


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