‘It’s hot where you’re going’: Church tells thief who stole AC unit to keep it with message on sign

An Ohio church used its message sign to condemn the actions of a thief who stole a brand new air conditioning unit from the grounds.

The incident happened about three weeks ago at Akron Alliance Fellowship Church, Pastor Gus Brown told Fox affiliate Fox 8 Cleveland.

Brown said the unit was $3,500. The organization also notified police of the theft.

“It was a brand new unit that we had just put in. We hadn’t even made the first payment on it yet, it had only been a few days,” he told Fox 8 Cleveland.

Until the thief is found, the church shared a message on its welcome sign: “Whoever stole our A C Unit: Keep it. It’s hot where (you’re) going.”

The pastor told Fox 8 that Bible studies classes and other church services will continue despite warm weather conditions.

The church will have an offering plate on Sunday to raise money for a new air conditioner.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.