Irving Wingstop employee shoots boss after being sent home early, affidavit says

Police say that a fight between an employee at an Irving Wingstop and his boss led to a deadly shooting on Monday night.

Police were called to the Wingstop on E. Irving Boulevard around 7:30 p.m. on Monday. There, officers found 19-year-old Christopher Govea dead and another person with injuries.

Police say the suspect, 22-year-old Marc Leon, ran from the restaurant on foot. He was taken into custody within 10 minutes, and a gun was recovered.

An arrest warrant affidavit for Leon says the argument started when he was sent home early by Govea, who was his manager at the restaurant.

Marc Leon

Leon allegedly pulled out a gun and shot his manager multiple times, according to Irving police.

Investigators say a fellow employee was struck in the head and leg by the stray bullets.

Family members described Govea as a hard-working 19-year-old.

"That’s all he did. He just worked. He just wanted to get his parents to move forward because his dad’s not good in health, and his mom can’t work because she’s taking care of him," said his brother-in-law, Adrian Hernandez. "So he wanted to get them a house. That’s the only reason why he was working two jobs."

Govea worked at a grocery store. He was also a manager at a Wingstop. Tragically, it was at the Wingstop in Irving where police say a fellow employee shot him Monday evening.

"He was just there doing his job like he had to do," Hernandez said. "And because he was doing his job, he got killed for it."

Govea’s brother-in-law says he saw Govea become a man throughout the years. 

Christopher Govea (Family Photo)

"He was a little kid before and carried himself that way, but now I saw he walked around with his head held high and just a good head on his shoulders," Hernandez said. "It was a big achievement for him. And for him to still do that and still be providing for his family, it’s something that’s incredible that not many people my age can do. For a 19-year-old to do that, that’s incredible."

Now, a memorial stands inside the family’s apartment, serving as a place to reflect on the young man’s loving sacrifices.

"I just hope the shooter, he repents for what he did and actually thinks about what he did," Hernandez said. "He took someone’s son, someone’s uncle, someone’s brother."

Leon was charged with murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He’s awaiting a transfer to the Dallas County Jail.

Police say Leon was a relatively new hire at Wingstop with less than one month on the job.