Irving PD releases videos of motorcycle officers crash initially called hit-and-run

New video released Wednesday makes clear that an incident initially described as a hit-and-run involving two Irving PD motorcycle officers was actually an accident where the motor jocks crashed into each other.

Irving PD says two motorcycle officers were working traffic on Highway 161 around 11 a.m. Tuesday when they each tried to pull over two separate cars at the same time. A black car that was not involved started slowing down and boxed in the second motorcycle officer before he could get ahead and crashed into the lead motorcycle officer.

Video shows the black driver pulling over and getting out of the car to check on the officers and then got back into his car after seeing the officers were not seriously hurt.

Police say a witness who called 911 saw that exchange and thought the driver of the black car was involved in the crash and drove away.

Because of some of the initial witness statements, Irving PD considered it a hit-and-run and were looking for a suspect. However, by Tuesday afternoon, they backed up on those claims after talking to more witnesses and reviewing traffic cameras. The police department apologized for the confusion.

“At the time, the lead officer only knew that he had been hit,” a press release from the police department said. “The second officer did not know if he had been hit or not but remembered the black car.”

The officers were treated for minor injuries and have since been released from the hospital.

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