Irving couple has spent past month battling COVID-19

An Irving couple has spent the last month battling the coronavirus.

March started with Missy Page having the flu and her husband having COVID-19. Now a month later, she has the coronavirus, but this time with no symptoms.

When FOX4 talked to Kenin Page two weeks ago, he still struggled to breathe while talking. In March, page tested positive for COVID-19 and had to stay in the hospital for nearly a week.

“When he came home from the hospital we went into our second quarantine. Then when I tested positive we went into a third, reset of quarantine. Which is fine because we are so careful, we do not wish this on anyone,” Missy said.

​The couple has been quarantined in their Irving home for nearly a month.

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This week neither of them have any symptoms. Kenin says he is even feeling well enough to start working from home again.

“We went in yesterday for a weekly test, they are going to test us weekly until we are negative, two times in a row,” Kenin said.

The couple has a message to everyone: continue to wear face coverings and use social distancing.

“We don't have a vaccine, we still have to be careful,” Kenin said.

The Pages say when they have two negative tests they will be eligible to donate plasma to help others who have the virus.

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