How to apply for federal disaster loans after historic flooding

Low-interest government loans are now available to North Texans affected by the historic flooding in Dallas, Tarrant, Collin, Denton, Ellis and Kaufman counties last month.

Businesses, homeowners, renters, non-profits and places of worship can all apply for the federal loans.

The government says it is trying to make the process easy.

"We cover the uninsured and the underinsured losses. We cover deductibles, no closing costs on the loans, so we're just here to accommodate everyone," said Barbara Nitis of the Small Business Administration's Office of Disaster Assistance.

Many are still cleaning up from the damage left behind in the August 22 flash floods.

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Vanessa Villas and her family lost everything when the floodwaters climbed to 3 feet inside their Balch Springs home.

"It's been a rollercoaster but we're finally making some progress we were able to bring our kids back home," Villas said. 

Like many, the Villas did not have flood insurance.

They have taken steps to repair their home at great cost.

"We're over $15,000 already, easily over $15,000 in trying to get our house back together," she said. "The whole retaining wall pushed forward and part of it is on the ground pushed to the sidewalk."

Krissandra Demus is in a similar situation with her rental property in Mesquite.

Her damage was not covered by her insurance, and she is under pressure from the city to get it fixed.

"The city wants it repaired, but at this time its still in the same situation," Demus said.

A Small Business Disaster Assistance Center in Balch Springs has opened to help residents.

"We're here to accommodate for everybody who did suffer from the timeline of Aug. 22-25, which is the flooding for Dallas County and the surrounding counties," said Nitis.

Krissandra Demus is hopeful assistance from the government can help.

"Just something. It's kind of unexpected, but it has to be repaired," she said.

Vanessa Villas is not so sure if she wants the loan.

"It's getting into more debt, on top of the debt that we've already accumulated trying to fix our house. So I'm not too sure," she said. "I think we're just going to keep going. Going little by little and we'll get there eventually."

The Disaster Assistance Centers will be open at the Balch Springs Recreation Center and the Samuel Grand Recreation Center in Dallas until mid-November for in-person applications.

You can also apply for assistance online