House Committee promises transparency in Rangers investigation into Texas House Speaker Bonnen

The House Committee on General Investigating wants to ensure the public that there will be transparency in the Texas Rangers investigation into House Speaker Dennis Bonnen.  A request for the Texas Rangers to lead on investigation into the June 12, 2019 meeting between Michael Quinn Sullivan and Representatives Dennis Bonnen and Dustin Burrows was made by the committee in August 2019.

This comes after an audio recording that Sullivan secretly made in June was posted onto his website.

"Due to heightened public interest, my colleagues and I want to ensure transparency in this critical matter remains consistent with the constitutional guarantees of due process," said Committee Vice Chairwoman Nicole Collier, (D - Fort Worth). "And, while the committee does not ordinarily make public statements on its actions during the course of an investigation, it is crucial that the House of Representatives and the public have continued confidence in the committee's work."

After the Texas Rangers deliver their final report to the committee, the panel of legal advisors will review the report and the supporting evidence with the committee members and advise the committee on the most appropriate next steps. 

To read the entire statement made by the House Committee on General Investigating, click here.



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